The governing body of the Charity is a board of twelve trustees. Trustees are unpaid and must live, work or have special knowledge of Richmond. The Board comprises one ex-officio trustee who is the leader of the Richmond team ministry, two LBRUT nominated trustees, one Parish of St Mary's, Twickenham, nominated trustee and eight co-opted trustees.

The board of trustees meets six times a year. In addition, there are sub-committees that meet to deal with property, finance, risk management, welfare, interviewing and grants.

The role of the Trustees is to

  • ensure that the Board fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the Charity
  • prepare and regularly review the strategic goals of the Charity
  • ensure that the Charity operates within the legal requirements of the Charity Commission
  • ensure that the Charity strives to achieve best practice
  • attend Trustee meetings and be an active member of the Board
  • reflect the Charity's policies at Board and sub-committee meetings
  • fulfil such other duties that may be required from time-to-time by the Board of Trustees