The Misses Thomson Charity & The Whipple Charity (Reg. Charity No. 269420)

By her will of July 1931 and a codicil of April 1932 Miss Thomson left the net residue of her estate to Richmond Charities to be invested, the income to benefit "poor and deserving spinsters" residing for at least ten years in Richmond. Miss Thomson wished if possible that each lady should receive at least £26 per year. Miss Thomson's executor was Mr R S Whipple who in 1944 gave the Trustees £1,500 for a separate fund to be run along similar lines. In 1951 Mr Whipple gave a further £1,500 and the two charities were merged.

Income is derived from Income Shares and is paid in February, May, August and November.

There are currently four recipients of a quarterly pension from the Charity. When appropriate, Trustees are requested to nominate new recipients.