Richmond Charities' Almshouses consists of 124 almshouses in Richmond and Twickenham: 50 at Hickey's; 9 at Houblon's; 10 at Bishop Duppa's; 4 at Queen Elizabeth's; 18 at Michel's; 5 at Benn's Walk, 18 at Church Estate and 10 at Candler (Twickenham). In addition at Hickey's, there is a chapel dedicated to St Francis of Assisi, the chaplain's house and two lodges for staff. The almshouses are for local people aged over 65, who are of limited means and require an improvement in their living conditions.

The Charity's area of benefit is London Borough of Richmond, in which the majority of the almshouse residents will have been living at the time of their appointment, but limited provision is made for the appointment of residents irrespective of their former place of residence and whose family next-of-kin lives within the Borough. Preference is given to applicants living in private rented property.

As recently as 1943, the residents of Richmond Charities' Almshouses received a monthly allowance of £2.5s. (£2.25p), together with three tons of coal a year, a dress or suit of clothes every other year, or a great coat every fifth year. Pensions continued to be paid for some years, but the position has now entirely changed, in that, where necessary, our residents receive financial support within the state welfare system. They pay for the provision of central heating, where this is provided, and in addition pay a weekly maintenance contribution (WMC) towards the maintenance of the almshouses. The staff employed on the almshouses estates consists of a chaplain, scheme managers, health & safety officer and caretaker. The role of the scheme manager is to look after the almshouse estate and act as a facilitator, monitoring the well-being of their residents and to call in the appropriate services when required.

Residents pay their own household bills. They occupy the almshouses as beneficiaries of a charitable trust and do NOT have security of tenure. There are no longer any qualifications with regard to gender or religion.