Bishop Duppa’s Almshouses

The Vineyard, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6AJ

bishop d1Bishop Duppa's Almshouses were founded by Bryan Duppa in 1661. Bryan Duppa, Bishop of Chichester was tutor to Charles, Prince of Wales, later Charles II, at Richmond Palace. Deprived of his bishopric, Bryan Duppa retired to a house on the site of the old Town Hall in Richmond. He promised that, if his pupil were restored to the throne, he would found almshouses in thanksgiving. After the Restoration in 1660, he was appointed Bishop of Winchester. He died in 1662 at his Richmond home.

The present almshouses were rebuilt in 1851 in The Vineyard after a deal was struck with James Ewing, owner of Downe House, Richmond Hill whose grounds adjoined the dilapidated almshouses. James Ewing provided the new site and paid for the rebuilding, to a Jacobean design by Thomas Little, in exchange for the old almshouse site. The front arch and gateway was transferred from the original almshouse estate and has survived to this day.