Church Estate Almshouses

Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1UX

The Church Estate is the oldest charity in Richmond and was thought to have been founded in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I by Thomas Owings who bequeathed land for the use of the poor of the parish. However, research indicates that the charity may date back to 1375 with an endowment provided by Merton Priory for the maintenance of the chapel of Shene and its manse, and later augmented for the benefit of the poor. The almshouses of the Church Estate were for men and women who were members of the Church of England and they originally had similar rules to those at the other almshouses. The residents had an express right to sittings at Hickey's Chapel. These almshouses face Sheen Road and were built in 1843. In 1968, two small blocks, each containing four studio flats, were built on the land behind the almshouses and 2 to 18 St Mary's Grove. In 2005, one of the small blocks of flats was extended and developed to create four one-bedroom flats.

The Church Estate now more commonly known as Richmond Church Charity Estate continues for the benefit of Richmond's Anglican churches and may be the fifth oldest charity in England. The almshouses of Richmond Church Estate transferred to Richmond Charities' Almshouses on 27 May 2004 and are now called Church Estate Almshouses.