Hickey’s Almshouses

Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1XB

hickeys1Hickey's charity was founded by William Hickey, who died in 1728 and is buried in St Mary's Churchyard, close to the west door. By his Will he provided for pensions of £4 per annum for six poor men and ten poor women to be elected by his Trustees and also provided for payment to each of the almspeople at Bishop Duppa's Almshouses of an additional pension of £1 per annum. He left a considerable amount of property in Richmond, including what is now known as the Richmond Hill Hotel, Mansfield Place, Doughty House, the Richmond Gate Hotel, The Wick and several houses on The Terrace. This charity was augmented by a gift of Elizabeth Doughty in 1822.

The value of the property left by William Hickey increased and funds accumulated and, in 1832, the Trustees of the charity obtained permission to buy the present site of the almshouses and erect twenty houses with a Chapel, Nurse's Lodge and Porter's Lodge. In 1851 further permission was obtained for the erection of eight more almshouses, facing St Mary's Grove. In 1934 four new almshouses were built on some vacant land belonging to the Trustees in Adelaide Road. In 1972 twelve one-bedroom bungalows were built at the rear of the site. In 1991 a ceremony was held for the opening of five new flats, a laundry and a workshop. The smallest of the flats was converted into an estate office in 2003.hickeys5