How does the Charity appoint a resident?

  1. Invitations to apply for an almshouse are advertised annually in the Richmond & Twickenham Times and all year round on our website. You can download the   pdf Almshouse Application leaflet - 2016 (2.09 MB) here.
  2. Applicants may apply by telephoning the administrative office and discussing their situation with the Administrator. Please do not visit the Charity's offices for an application pack - it is important that you telephone initially for a conversation with the Administrator. 
  3. If you qualify for consideration, the Administrator will send you an application package
  4. The application form requires details of income and supporting documentation
  5. A register of almshouse applicants is maintained
  6. Applicants are interviewed in their homes in due course, firstly by the Director and then by two Trustees
  7. Applicants are appointed on the basis of need