William Hickey died in 1728 and left property which increased so much in value that the Trustees used funds in 1834 to build 20 almshouses, Porter's & Nurse's Lodges and a Chapel on a site in Marshgate Lane, now Sheen Road.

Hickey's Almshouses are located on Sheen Road in Richmond and consists of 50 almshouses, all one bedroom with a mix of cottages and bungalows. Five almshouses located just behind Hickey's in Adelaide Road are also part of the almshouse estate. The Chapel of St Francis of Assisi is located at Hickey's Almshouses, as is The Green Room. These two communal spaces are where the majority of our events and activities for residents from all estates take place. Three members of staff live on-site at Hickey's and five members of staff work from the Hickey’s estate office.


What Our Residents Say

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