The Richmond Charities has a legal duty to ensure that residents and staff have the right to live and work safely and free from harm or abuse. This is known in law and in our local policies as 'Safeguarding'. Staff and Trustees will take seriously any allegations by residents of harm or abuse perpetrated by another resident, a member of staff, a Trustee or anyone else you have come into contact with. The Charity has comprehensive procedures to address serious allegations, including the involvement of external agencies if necessary.

Harm may be caused deliberately or accidently; it may involve physical, mental, sexual or emotional mistreatment or it may be a failure to prevent harm being done. Whilst very rare, if such behaviour is experienced or witnessed it is important that it is reported as soon as possible, not least to prevent further harm being caused.

In the first instance the incident should be reported to your Scheme Manager. If the allegation directly concerns your Scheme Manager you should, instead, contact the Chief Executive. In the absence of the Chief Executive you should contact the Chaplain. Whoever you contact will take your concern seriously.

Depending on the nature of the allegation it will be passed on immediately to the Chief Executive and/or The Richmond Charities’ Safeguarding Group who will decide how best to respond appropriately. This may involve further investigation, consultation with adult social services or the police. All communications regarding serious allegations will be treated as confidential within the team examining them.

If you were the witness to an incident, rather than the victim, it may not be possible to give you full feedback on the progress of the response other than to assure you that it is being dealt with.

The Charity has a Whistleblowing Policy which is intended to ensure that staff who come forward to report concerns do not receive detrimental treatment. In the same way, any resident who might raise a concern or allegation will not receive detrimental treatment.