Meditation has been proven to provide many benefits. These include reducing stress, improving concentration, slowing ageing, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, strengthening immunity and contributing to more general feelings of well-being. Techniques are now being taught by the NHS as a way of managing depression, anxiety, chronic pain and COPD.

Often people are put off as they feel they are 'no good' at being still and quiet. However, stillness and quietness are only one way to achieve a mindful state. We also experiment with practices that use focussed movement such as embroidery, cleaning brass, Qi Gong and colouring. Almost anything done in a focussed and intentional way can be helpful - even washing up the dishes, although this has never been the Chaplain's favourite form of meditation!

Each week we learn a new form of meditation and practise it together before reflecting on the experience. One common theme that emerges each time we come together is how much easier it is to meditate in the supportive atmosphere of the group. Left alone, there is always something else to do and it is easy to tell ourselves that we just don't have the time.

Managing difficult feelings...slowing ageing...increasing well-being...are you willing to make time for that?